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Katerina Spyropoulou

​”Yoga is an art. Within the asanas I see sculptural bodies pulsing and colored by the vibrations of prana. Breath rhythmic with the personal sound of each of us is the music of life. Through vinyasa I discover the divine dance of the soul. In meditation I feel the poetry of the universe. For me, yoga is the art of “HIS” and I communicate this through every practice I lead.”

My journey on the path of yoga began here at Ayama Yoga House. I attended the 200h training with Christos Harikiopoulos and got the first information about Vinyasa Flow from Valerie Saier. Initially I wanted to incorporate elements from yoga in my teaching of modern dance, but very soon yoga became a big chapter in my life.

I went on to explore Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I attended Yoga Trans Dance, Prana Flow and Shakti Prana Flow post-training with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles and London. I took classes with Erich Schiffman and discovered Freedom Yoga. With Valerie Saier I did a postgraduate course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I also attended a workshop on Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Blaire Lindsay at Cihangir Yoga Studio in Istanbul as well as an online seminar on the history of Vinyasa with Christopher Thomkins.

I completed the 500 hour training again here at Ayama Yoga House with Christos Harikiopoulos and Chrysa Babalis.

I continued to supplement my comprehensive yoga education by participating in the Rainbow kid’s yoga training program and the online Yin Yoga training program with Travis Eliot.

Today I am registered with the Yoga Alliance (USA) organization as RYT 500, teach in studio & private, participate as an assistant in the Basic Yoga Teacher Training RYS-200 and lead training seminars for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program RYS-300 at Ayama Yoga House and

I started my career studying classical and contemporary dance, at the Anna Petrova Higher Professional School and in France at the Center International de dance Rosella Hightower and continued with acting studies at the Center du Marais in Paris. Relatively recently I studied interior architecture at AKTO, which led me to the exploration and deeper understanding of the element of space.

I worked for many years in the theater as a dancer and later a choreographer, in Paris and Athens. I have been teaching contemporary dance for the past ten years and yoga for seven years.

My lessons are oriented towards the flow of movement and energy. I always incorporate elements from dance and from the cycles of nature, the seasons, the cycles of the moon…. What I call Organic Movement. In addition to the flow approaches, I recommend Yoga Dance where the movement is freed from alignments and becomes free, improvisational, pagan. Another element that I always explore in practice is the sequence and progression of movement.

Art in all its forms, dance, painting, architecture, music, poetry, is what fascinates me and guides me….